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Be Bold, Be Mysterious, Be Free, Be intimidating, Be unpredictable


Our heritage lies above us, the moon is the muse. The essence of the constant rhythm of time, flow and of life itself.

The moon comes with no source of light of its own, the luminous glow is a reflection from the sun’s brilliance. Delmona is very much the same way, it is nothing but a reflection of beauty brought to the world by those who believe in our designs.


From unique and timeless fragrances to refined object creations, our upmost satisfaction is providing sensations of freedom, fantasy, beauty, elegance, youth and modernity.

Every Delmona creations are crafted, designed and portrayed by truly talented individuals in France and around the world.


Delmona Parfums are bold creations that whisper mysteries and trigger intense emotions.

Exclusively designed and produced in limited series in France. Delmona sources the most sought-after raw materials from around the world.

Our collections are experiences bringing unbridled expression into this world with a conceived nostalgic imprint of character.

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