Delmona is 
exciting., freedom., change., bold., irresistible., mysterious., intimidating., unpredictable.

The moon sings the languid flower, to bloom at midnight hour.
Harmonious feast transpires – luminescent choir. Discover our new perfume line

Leave your path with indulgence for the senses and scintillating character. Delmona creates full and bold scents uplifting your most fierce desires and unlocking your senses. Complete like Earth’s elements, they leave you feeling special, mysterious and irresistible. Each unique scent is housed in a glass bottle, like trapped emotions wanting to be freed, felt, and desired.
Delmona France

The mystical orbs rise. Ever-changing phases, the fields are flushed with light and darkness. She turns her perfect face. Casting over, like a strong addiction, she’ll catch you in an instant of mesmerized gravity, weightless in time.
As if in love, All you can do is cherish and obey.