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Delmona Sand Perfume

Sand (with Gold)

Sand - Follow My Trail
℮100ML 3.4 FL.OZ

390,00 incl. Vat

Luminous. Sparkling. Radiant.

A delicate oriental floral perfume, it bursts alive with a refreshing illumination of Cypress and the gentle scent of peaches and plums. Feel the elegant yet sparkling sensations of a white & yellow bouquet flowers with a twist of the softest rose undertones.

This luminous and remarkably generous golden liquid mirrors the inner warmth and beauty of sand. The sensual sheer core of crisp oak moss, musks and sandalwood linger on the skin till morning rise.

Follow me blindly.

Comes in an exclusively designed Delmona case

DELMONA insight

La collection exclusive de Parfum are all produced in Grasse, France. Discover our Universe of signature scents with our Sample pack available soon.

390,00 incl. Vat